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Espacio Flamenco Encuentros

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Welcome to flamenco studio ESPACIO FLAMENCO ENCUENTROS!


Encuentros is an all-embracing term for both Encuentros Duo and Espacio Flamenco Encuentros. Encuentros not only stands for the 'encounter (s)' between Jessica and Tijn but also between artist and audience, teacher and student, the collaboration with fellow artists and the way in which flamenco lends itself to a mix with other music, dance styles and other arts.


The flamenco studio was founded by Jessica Achten, dancer and teacher. She followed her dance education at  'ArtEZ University of the Arts' in Arnhem. After that she lived for a period of 1.5 years in Seville, Spain, where she specialized in flamenco. Her background is both modern dance and flamenco, the combination of which is what makes her a strong and unique dancer and teacher.

She has been teaching flamenco in Eindhoven and surroundings since 2013. In 2017 she started her own flamenco studio in Eindhoven ESPACIO FLAMENCO ENCUENTROS. In July 2020 -in collaboration with guitarist Tijn van der Sanden- she opened a beautiful new dance and guitar studio at Lijmbeekstraat (near Strijp-S and the center) in Eindhoven.

There are classes for every level, with guitar accompaniment by Tijn van der Sanden every other week.

In addition to regular classes, the studio will treat you to special workshop every now and then ( For instance e.g. dance/song/rhythm), so check the website!


Get to know flamenco or learn more about this beautiful art form!

Flamenco is a very expressive dance form with roots in southern Spain. In the classes attention is paid to; expression, posture, powerful arm movements and graceful hands, basic rhythms and clapping (palmas) and of course the technique of the virtuoso footwork.


All this comes together in a choreography. We therefore conclude the choreography classes at the end of the year, with a student performance during the Flamenco Festival Eindhoven.



Have you become curious?

Sign up for a trial class and see if flamenco suits you!




Jessica Achten

Owner & teacher

Jessica Achten started dancing at the age of 4, first with classical ballet and at the age of 9 she also started flamenco classes with Maria Penders (Estudio de Flamenco "El Candil"). Later other dance styles were added such as modern dance, jazz and urban.

In 2007 she was admitted to "ArtEZ High School for the Arts", a dance education where your identity as a dancer, dance maker and teacher is developed.  Modern dance, classical ballet and jazz were her main subjects and other styles such as flamenco, improvisation, composition, hip-hop, African dance and folklore were her minor subjects. She wrote her thesis on the modern influences in flamenco, for which she went to Madrid for 2 months to do further research. In 2011 she received her "Bachelor of dance in education" diploma.


As flamenco continued to fascinate her, she decided to go to Spain to focus on this beautiful but also complex art form. Finally, with a grant from "The Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds" (a fund for the development of culture), she was able to stay in Seville for 1.5 years. There she had daily classes, 4-8 hours a day, both practice and theory. In addition, she trained for a few hours every day. She was taught by flamenco artists such as Belén Maya, Úrsula López, Tamara López, Andrés Marín, Ana Morales, Ángel Atienza, Andrés Peña, Manuel Betanzos, Alicia Márquez, Carmen Ledesma, Guadalupe Torres, ChloéBrûlé, Patricia Lozano, Rosi Navarro Villaneva, etc. This period in Seville was very important to be able to immerse herself in this culture. With all the knowledge she gained during her stay in Seville, she came back 1.5 years later.


Now Jessica has her own flamenco studio 'Espacio Flamenco Encuentros' in Eindhoven. Besides teaching she also has various assignments as a dancer / choreographer and she regularly performs with various artists.

The performance 'Tierradentro' premiered in 2017 and the performance 'Flamencolores' in 2019, both productions in collaboration with Tijn van der Sanden and others musicians.


Gabriella Házi


Gabriella started her experience as a soloist performer in various flamenco tablao events in Switzerland and Hungary in 2015.

In 2015 she won second prize of the Concurso Internacional de Baile Flamenco Turin, an important international flamenco dance contest in Turin, Italy, which was a landmark for her to dance as a solo performer. 

Gabriella is a dancer in the flamenco company DanzaEs! , based in Switzerland, Zürich. DanzaEs is a flamenco dance company which performs traditional flamenco dance with live music, but likes to push the barriers further and investigates the relation between modern dance and flamenco dance.

Gabriella has studied with teachers from Hungary, Italy, and of course, Spain. 

She has studied with dancers, such as, Manuel Betanzos, Elena Vicini, Irene Lozano, Maria Moreno, Pilar Ogalla, La Lupi, Javier Latorre. 

Gabriella has been teaching at Espacio Flamenco Encuentros since the autumn of 2018. She teaches every Monday: technique and beginner basic classes. 


Tijn van der Sanden

Guitar accompaniment

At the age of 7, Tijn van der Sanden started guitar classes with Frank Bogers in Eindhoven (CPJ). In 2005 he took classes in the preparatory year at the Conservatory of Tilburg, conducted by Hein Sanderink. He then continued his studies and went to the Conservatory of Amsterdam, where he followed a minor in Flamenco from the second year.


In 2011 he graduated from the CVA and continued his studies in Seville; Spain. At the Fundacion Christina Heeren he daily received technique, singing and dance coaching classes and took theory and history lessons. Classes were taught by Pedro Sierra, Niño de Pura, Eduardo Rebollar and Paco Cortes. He also took master classes from Tino van der Sman, Manuel de la Luz and Antonio Rey.


From 2015 Tijn started his Guitar SchoolTijn, where he teaches at all levels and in different styles (mainly classical, pop and flamenco guitar). Next tot his he accompanies dance classes at Espacio Flamenco Encuentros. He composes his own music, takes part in various projects in Theater and TV productions and gives flamenco group classes for adults and for children in the Spanish Center in Eindhoven as well.



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Holidays 2023/2024

Autumn Holiday
14/10/2023 – 22/10/2023


Christmas Holiday

23/12/2023 – 07/01/2024


Spring Holiday
10/02/2024 – 18/02/2024


May Holiday
27/04/2024 – 12/05/2024

Summer holidays

Starting from 08/07/2023


What to wear?

Flamenco shoes and a flamenco skirt (for women). Click HERE for more information and where to buy.


Teacher: Gabriella Házi

18.45 - 20.00 Technique *

                         (two levels)

                        (2x per month)


20.00 - 21.00 Basico/Intermedio

                           (3+ year)

21.00 - 22.00 Basico
                           (0-1 year)



Teacher: Jessica Achten

 9.00 - 10.15    All levels



10.15 - 11.15  Flamenco 60+

18.30 – 19.45  Intermedio/
                           (7+ year)

19.45 – 21.00  Intermedio
                            (5+ year)



Teacher: Jessica Achten

18.30 - 19.30  Basico
                           (1+ year)

19.30 - 20.45 Avanzado

                          (10+ year)




Teacher: Jessica Achten

15.15 - 16.15 Children 6-9 years


18.30 - 19.30  Basico
                           (0-1 year

19.30 - 20.30  Bata de cola                                    Intermedio/


20.30 - 21.45  Avanzado

                            (10+ year)



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No workshops planned




Season  11th of September - 4th of july 2022/2023
Start of classes:  11-09-2021 

Total 37 weeks


  • Payment terms will be adjusted pro rata at later registration.

  • When paying in 2 terms, € 10 will be charged for administration cost

  • Missed classes are not refunded. They can always be catched up in another class. 

  • Discount:

  • Children up to 18 years receive a 25% discount on the indicated lesson prices. (n.a. on the children class price)

  • Students receive a 10% discount on the indicated lesson prices if they can prove that they are a student.

  • When following 2 or more courses, the student receives a 10% discount on the total tuition fee.




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Besides teaching, we are also performing artists. 

In 2013 Jessica and Tijn founded the duo Encuentros. 

Depending on the performance / project, they work together with musicians, dancers and other artists of different styles and disciplines.


Curious? Come and watch one of the performances!


Click below for the agenda

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